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Slip and Fall Suits against Petsmart,Inc - Research Paper Example

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Petsmart, Inc is the largest retail business that offers complete pet grooming, pet adoption, and pet training. The company is the leading provider of pet and training information. The retail chain operates in Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States…
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Slip and Fall Suits against Petsmart,Inc
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Extract of sample "Slip and Fall Suits against Petsmart,Inc"

Download file to see previous pages Since its existence; the company provides a broad range of pet products, pet food, and offers complete pet boarding, training, grooming, adoption services, and doggie day camp. Petsmart has more than 1, 107 stores in the United States, and Canada, and 132 stores with pet supplies and pet care information. Petsmart opened its first stores in 1987 in the Phoenix under the name Pet Food Warehouse. As the company progressed, the logo and the name changed to Petsmart. The company provides homes for the homeless pets, supply pets products, and offer adequate training on pet grooming. In 2005, the company declared that the purpose for rebranding its name to Petsmart was to emphasize its evolution from the pet supply store to the solution-oriented business. Indeed, the company continues to offer pet assistance and adoption centers, creating a platform to comprehend pet care information. The company has diligently worked to offer pet solution, which, in turn, has boosted the company sales and revenues. Since 1987, there has been a 10% increase of the average client spending per month, which has increased the company’s revenues and sales. As mentioned earlier, the company has created a platform for the community to acquire benefits that emerge from using its products. Studies show that most homes can now understand pet grooming through adequate training that the company offers (Bark & Clark, 2011). Indeed, pets and dogs grow smarter each year with the support of accredited training instructor. The company ensures that pets are well behaved and happy thus, solving problems that emerge from disobedience. Founded in 1986; Petsmart opened the first two stores in 1987 and in 1989, the logo, and name changed from Pet Food to the Petsmart. In 1994, the company formed a non-profit organization that provides homes for the homeless pets. Indeed, Petsmart is a solution-oriented company that offers pet products and services to approximately 1,160 stores, and many offer veterinary services. The company distributes pet supplies and a wide variety of services such as pet training and grooming. The company has significantly helped the community with basic information required to maintain a suitable pet environment. Instead of selling cats, rabbits, dogs, and other animals in the store, the company offers a space to the local rescue groups and donates litter, food, and other essential pet supplies. In each adoption, the company gives each guardian a book that offers basic information about pet care and its suitable products. Since 2004, the company has served more than 100,000 pets as it extends its services online in As a result, many can access the company’s products and communicate with pets’ expertise on how to care for pets. How liability suits affect the Petsmart and the community as whole In respond to this, one should comprehend the concept of business ethics. Usually, business ethics entails three things: to avoid violating the criminal law in a work related activity, evade actions that may attribute in civil law suits against the business, and avoid actions that disrupt the company’s image. According to Datamonitor Firm (2000), companies are concerned with these things since they may lead to loss of money and ruin company’s reputation. Datamonitor Firm continues to argue that, in theory, a company could address the three concerns by assigning public relations and corporate attorneys to obligate employees to perform their duties effectively. Indeed, the strong version of the profit approach demands strategies that morally augment a morally upright environment, which failure affects the business ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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