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The paper described some of the crime control methods that control crime and how successful they have are. On the other hand, there are methods associated with failure in trying to reduce crime. Such methods will find their alternative ways in carrying them out…
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The crime control methods
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Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings since police initiated computerized crime analysis, identification of crime trends in the cities is significantly easy. Police use accuracy of computers to focus patrol resources on times and places that crime do take place. As Lawrence portrays in his work, if there is more patrol on at “hot spots” and “hot times” of criminal commotions, there would be less occurrence of crime at those places. When police have an idea of where certain criminals hood and engage in illegal drug, it would be more effective than just wandering about looking for criminals. This introduces the emergence of hot spots policing traced from improvement of computerized mapping and database technologies that deals with criminals who illegally possess guns and those involved in illegal drug business as Weisburd and Braga found. Directed patrol reduces gun crime. Indianapolis Police Department (IPD) tried out this method and results were welcoming. They applied directed patrol method in two police districts, which had occurrences of violent crime. These crimes included illegal possession of guns and drugs trafficking amongst many others as indicated in report done by Edmund, Steven and Alexander. Deferred sentencing refers to a sentence postponed for a certain period as a guilty drug offender undergoes probation. Shouse Law Group observes that nonviolent drug offenders benefit a lot from treatment and education as compared to jail and criminal record. This method is effective in rehabilitating the offenders. While on probation, the drug offenders undergo regular treatment and this makes them show health improvement. Instead of subjecting drug offenders to harsh treatment in jail, deferred sentencing is an alternative that proves to be more effective. Chemical Castration for Sex offenders as a Crime Control Method There are many sex offenders that exist all over the world. They include among other rapists, pedophiles and exhibitionists. Other offenders are individuals that molest children. Such people commit a shameful sex offence and surprisingly, the number of these individuals is enormously large. Their crime inflict fear into the general public and a real threat to them those who live in the neighborhood. Chemical castration is all about administering Depo-Provera that reduces the level of the hormone testosterone. As a result, recidivism rate falls. It is an alternative punishment to pedophiles rather than taking them to prison where they might sneak out and go scot free. Considering sex crimes that men impose on women and children, chemical castration is an ideal form of punishment even though some may complain it is a cruel mode of punishment. Student Behavior Modification Program as a Crime Control Method It is a clear fact that students involve themselves in criminal offenses of different categories. The crimes they commit portray an appalling picture of them to the general public. They become a problem to police and a threat to vulnerable individuals who cannot tolerate any kinds of mischievous behavior. However, existence of schools where these students study is an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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