Anaheim Mayor Jailed for Drunk Driving and Possession of Cocaine - Assignment Example

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Mayor Thomas Hillman is now in custody at the Orange County jail, pending a bond hearing, after the Buena Park Police Department caught him for drunk driving and possession of cocaine…
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Anaheim Mayor Jailed for Drunk Driving and Possession of Cocaine Mayor Thomas Hillman is now in custody at the Orange County jail, pending a bond hearing, after the Buena Park Police Department caught him for drunk driving and possession of cocaine.
Buena Park spokesman police officer Fernando Parra, confirmed through an e-mail statement, that they stopped Mayor Hillman, age 56, of Anaheim.
Parra said: “At approximately 11:30 p.m. last night, officers observed a late-model Jaguar proceeding erratically on Beach Boulevard. The car was weaving wildly from lane to lane, nearly colliding with parked vehicles.”
The police conducted a traffic stop and administered a sobriety test, and they found that Mayor Hillman exceeded the legal limits for blood alcohol content.
Mayor Hillman informed the police that he was Mayor of Anaheim and asked if he could leave. The police rejected his request due to his conditions.
They further decided that there was a probable cause for conducting a search. They found two grams of substance, which a field test proved to be cocaine.
Apart from cocaine, the police also arrested a female minor with the Mayor on charges of public intoxication. She was released to her parents. Officer Parra declined to comment on the identity of the minor.
The Mayor’s spokesman, Ryan Nguyen, replied to these allegations against the Mayor.
Nguyen said: “We’re just sorting through the details. I can tell you that the mayor is willing to face the consequences of his actions, but at this point he is not admitting to any of these criminal charges.”
He stressed that people should not make hasty assumptions: “Remember, in our system of justice everyone is innocent until proven guilty.”
When asked about the young woman with the mayor, Nguyen answered: “Knowing him, I’m sure there’s nothing improper involved with her being in the car. Again, don’t rush to any judgment.” Read More
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