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Writing two Radio PSAs - Assignment Example

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The script is about the impact of smoking on people across all the age brackets living in modern society. This is because the 30 seconds drama is…
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Writing two Radio PSAs
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Download file to see previous pages The voices consist of s female and a male. The drama is set in such a way the two actors are holding a discussion, about the discovery of recent research on the effect of smoking on non-smokers. The male character is not aware of the findings of the research and makes it clear to the listeners through asking questions. On the other hand, the female character is energetic and is in control of the discussion. The female character has the details pertaining the cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. The drama is set to take place in a radio studio where there are no noises apart from background music that is fading away at a distance. Silence is used as a gap between scenes to mark the end of a scene. The scenes will end abruptly that will come as a shock to listeners to act as a way of excitement to obtain total attention from the listeners. The silence will take about 2 seconds. The drama ends with both voices agreeing that a no smoking population leads to a long life.
The PSAs is a health discussion presented to a radio station by a not-for-profit organization. The not-for-profit body advocates against smoking that leads to death of many people both smokers and non-smokers. The issue of smoking affects both the young and the old in the society. The storyline is follows a group of family members taking a trip to an island to celebrate the success of their business. The drama consists of different sound effects and music at the end of the PSAs. The PSAs targets people between the age of teenagers and adults. In addition, it aims to attract people from both genders that is male and females. In addition, the main audience of the PSAs is from middle and high class in the society. Moreover, the PSAs does not discriminate against any religious background. The sound effects vary according to the preceding statement of the PSAs. In addition, the sound effects are put in between the voice of the announcer. It will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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