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Not all brads have the goal to impress viewers, some work to create long-lasting effect and establish the name of the brand. I guess Dior…
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Advertising Argument
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Advertisement Argument J`adore Dior perfume was chosen as a printed advertisement example found in one of the glossy magazines about fashion, Vogue to be precise. Not all brads have the goal to impress viewers, some work to create long-lasting effect and establish the name of the brand. I guess Dior as one of the most famous and big names in fashion industry simply aims to maintain its image because it does not seek for new customers. Nevertheless, Dior has to show that the brand is still worth its money by heating interest by fresh and unexpected products which are advertised with the help of extraordinary images.
Probably the audience of fashion shows got used to luxury and does not pay attention to the brands. Considering this fact, Dior decided to make advertisement excessively unrealistic. The whole setting is oversaturated with gold and shining and seems hyperbolized. The furniture in the Hall flows into a bright sparkling mass. The dress of the actress reminds the outfit of a fairy or a mermaid, and on the shot it looks like the actress is flying instead of walking. So Dior used the concept of magic to attract the interest and confirm the name.
That is why creating its advertisement of a new scent which is called J`adore, Dior tried to make something that would instantly give an understanding of the peculiar brand. An incredibly beautiful woman dressed in a luxurious silk golden dress is walking down the aisle. She is shining in soft hazy light and the whole place, which looks like a big hall or a catwalk on some fashion show, seems to be lit with her light. It is difficult to define whether it is a real woman or some mythical creature because of this divine light. The first thing that draws viewer`s attention is participation of the celebrity in the advertisement. Charlize Theron, one of the most attractive women of the planet, is depicted as the main character of the commercial of J`adore Dior. The image created by Dior implies luxury, royalty, and wealth but it is all not new for the higher social class of every country. Therefore, the creators of this advertisement had to make something exceptionally to draw attention to it and to make people actually want this perfume and they found the solution. When it concerns luxury, you cannot impress anyone with exquisite dresses and perfumes but when it concerns magic… that is completely different topic. Thus, Dior uses the image of an independent, seductive, and sexually attractive woman appealing to the subconscious desire of every woman to be worshiped as a real goddess, Aphrodite perhaps. The combination of these two levels of one image creates incredibly powerful effect on consumers (Dior, 2010).
On the deeper level the advertisement is all about the world of fashion and elite. Dior is one of the first fashion houses in Europe which still makes haute couture clothes for world celebrities, wives of the presidents and businessmen, and actresses. Wearing Dior means showing your wealth, your status, and your exceptional taste. It is almost impossible to come to a party in a Dior dress and remain unnoticed as paparazzi will instantly recognize the collection and spread your photo through the world gloss magazines. The world of fashion is a close circle of elite which entertain themselves in such a special way- following the trends, and this world is affordable to the richest and the most famous ad successful people of the planet. Therefore, the setting of the advertisement is chosen perfectly, Versailles is known to be one of the most expensive, stylish, and incredible residents of the royal families. This parallel between modern fashion elite and royal family is precise and effective as it allows the audience to feel unique.
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