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Global Communication Systems Referring to Walmart - Assignment Example

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The paper "Global Communication Systems Referring to Walmart" describes that Walmart is trying to adopt a mobile purchasing system that will expand mobile payments, e-commerce and consequently abolish credit company fees on cashier purchases and improve their customer service. …
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Global Communication Systems Referring to Walmart
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Download file to see previous pages Croasdell et al., states that Walmart’s core goal is the provision of consumer goods at the lower process than their competitors, which it has managed to accomplish largely due to embracing technology. Technology has enabled Walmart to be a leading innovator in the retail industry. Global communication systems can be used to improve services offered by many departments of the company, ranging from customer service, distribution, management and sales (Croasdell et al., 2003).
At Walmart, executives have adopted a communication system to enable them to supervise auxiliary staff in thousands of stores. Oral communication had been the norm at Walmart for many years, but with the globalization of the company and an increase in the number of stores, the need for adopting global communication systems was a necessity. It, therefore, led to the development of the six-channel satellite system, which is an integrated satellite communication network for easier communication between executives and lower level managers and employees.
The features of the system include a video transmission network that is one way and a two-way data and voice system that allows the head office to relay information to Walmart stores all over the world. This global communication system is used for a variety of functions such as allowing management to oversee stores on a global front and even boosting staff morale to increase their sales. The main objective of this set up is to allow communication between the stores via an integrated satellite link that is voice and video enabled. The system allows for communication among Walmart stores and between the stores with the head office.
According to Hollenbeck et al., the system has been instrumental in accessing customer reviews on their products and thus, enabling the head office to develop products that are up to the standards desired by customers all over the world. Additionally, the system has improved communication between top-tier management and staff in distant Walmart stores and essentially saving time and money. As a result, Walmart has been able to improve its efficiency levels through managing human capital appropriately. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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