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Estimate Request and Fact Sheet Form - Coursework Example

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It uses the term twenty first century as a depiction of the current time trends. Twenty first century also refers to the current…
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Estimate Request and Fact Sheet Form
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Download file to see previous pages She is the founder of Global Market Millionaires, a capital ventures firm that invests in ideas of people and assists them in funding. She has served as a columnist in the New York Times with articles focusing on financial planning and investment. She holds a doctoral degree in Financial Management from Harvard University.
A number of books exist in the market that addresses financial management. Authors such as Robert Kiyosaki have produced many books sold in the market that address financial management issues. The books in the market handle the topic from a storyline perspective. This book however, approaches it from an educational perspective blending in financial principles and other investor options that are applicable. The book aims at using the financial knowledge and experience of the author in the generation of sound and unique ideas that may propel the reader to an endless climb up the financial ladder
Readers can be able to request for review copies of the book and the specified author’s information obtained from the individual imprints. Interested parties are urged to send emails to the appropriated addresses stated below. Unfortunately, emails cannot be forward to the book author nor can the author’s postal or email address be revealed. However, those interested can contact Random House Publishers authors’ and editors through letter or email. Random House Publishers will handle all the queries via their email address at
[These trim sizes are standard sizes adopted by all printers. The trim size chosen allows for the enrollment of expanded distribution at and other e-stores. It will be eligible for bookstores and other online retailers in the expanded distribution channel. This size also gives an allowance of .125” inches that is beyond the final trim size from top, bottom and outer edges for accommodation of the full bleed area.]
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