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One of these ways is a computerized process called selective binding. The publisher creates an edition that targets small clusters of their subscribers who have…
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Printing, finishing and Interactive media
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Journalism, Mass Media and Communication Q Due to the strive competition, innovative ways are being used by the magazine publishers to capture many advertisers. One of these ways is a computerized process called selective binding. The publisher creates an edition that targets small clusters of their subscribers who have similar characteristics. The computer instructs the binding machine to include a unique section that targets a part of the magazine subscribers on the basis of their demographic profiles. Selective binding is currently being used in many magazines for more than five years ago. According to Petley and Julian, advertisers are willing to pay more due to the privilege of accessing and reaching a specially selected group of audience.
Q #2
To command busy consumers’ attention, advertisers are increasingly inserting promotion print in magazines. According to Hamilton and John, it makes a lot of difference when a magazine has something that will make the reader pause. Magazine advertisers are making use of stickers, post-it notes, CD carriers, and inserts among many other strategies to catch the eye of the reader (Losowsky and Jeremy). Last month, the National Jeweler Magazine publisher inserted a copy of golf article that was as humorous as the magazine itself. In the current era, whenever a person is happy about the technological advancement of the new media, the publisher should apply all the available means to make the media more exciting (Jili).
Questions on different types of printing and their best uses.
How does the Offset Lithography printer work?
What are the advantages of offset lithography over the other printing methods?
Why is digital printing method is considered effective printing process?
Why do customers often rely on digital printing?
Which are the disadvantages of Letterpress printing methods?
Which are the special features of Thermography printer?
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