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Why and how is Apple an example of 'Commodity Fetishism'/extend the idea of Apple industry to Karl Marx commodity fetishism and estrangement/alienation. Please use the example of Apple product to think about how it promotes market transaction and how it n - Essay Example

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Apparently, the magical quality of commodities in the cotemporary world has introduced a new connection to social life. In the first sight, any commodity appears to be the…
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Why and how is Apple an example of Commodity Fetishism/extend the idea of Apple industry to Karl Marx commodity fetishism and estrangement/alienation. Please use the example of Apple product to think about how it promotes market transaction and how it n
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"Why and how is Apple an example of 'Commodity Fetishism'/extend the idea of Apple industry to Karl Marx commodity fetishism and estrangement/alienation. Please use the example of Apple product to think about how it promotes market transaction and how it n"

Download file to see previous pages Commodity fetishism is an illusion that brings direct control of a social process tied to the production channel. In reality, commodity fetishism has prevailed in a series of production lines. Despite the wide variety, the paper focuses on Apple while putting into perspective Karl Mar view.
The mystification surrounding commodity fetishism has attracted various scholars and researchers alike. Among them, of special attention is Karl Marx who synchronised the concept in his early writings. The ridged distinction in commodity Fetishism comes into light through the Althusserian school of thought that connects commodity fetishism to a definite material base (Lemert, 2009). In many circumstances, people have put their lives into various objects; however, situations change when the object takes a greater part of control. Marx notes that such people cannot control their life, have no external existence and in worst circumstances do not have an independent life (Blackburn 1972 cited in Oakley, 1984). Apart from the social aspect, commodity fetishism also finds base in the capital production process. The relationship between labour and the final product plays an imperative role in shaping value. From this perspective, evaluating the painful process of production becomes indirect, a factors bringing into light the restricted relationships in the line of production. Undoubtedly, the material roots of this form of fabrication leads to poverty and exploitation (Lemert, 2009). It, therefore, is inevitable to reconcile the masses and bring on board various groups in the production process for harmony. According to Marx, the problem does not arise from Man’s inability to control knowledge; however, circulating capital in any economy is responsible for the change.
Arguably, the Apple world demonstrates commodity fetishism and continues to swim in its waters. From generation to generation, Apple has been distinctive in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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