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In this paper, I would like to compare the Morning Edition Show program offered by NPR’s Arkansas based KASU 91.9 FM to that of the other commercial radio stations across the country. The major difference between these sets of radio stations is that they have different wards…
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NPR Verses Commercial Radio Shows
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NPR Verses Commercial Radio Shows In this paper, I would like to compare the Morning Edition Show program offered by NPR’s Arkansas based KASU 91.9 FM to that of the other commercial radio stations across the country. The major difference between these sets of radio stations is that they have different wards profit making. Unlike the commercial radio stations, NPR is non-profit geared. This is a very significant feature in these radio stations as it has influenced the nature of their programming.
In KASU 91.9 FM, Morning Edition is a show which is offered on all the weekdays between 5:00 am to 9:00 am. The 3-hour show is hosted by Steve Inskeep and Monagne Renee. It is a very interesting show which offers a lot of news and entertainment to the listeners. Indeed, the organization of this show is very much different from the rest of the commercial radio stations. Since KASU 91.9 FM is not aiming at making any profit, it is purely committed to providing uninterrupted show. Meaning, all discussions, music and news are not frequently interrupted by advertisements the way it is in the commercial radio stations. This makes it so appealing and interesting at all times.
In this regard, I would like to point out that KASU 91.9 FM should continue to be supported by the public. It is worth supporting since it has a lot of education, entertainment and news to offer to the listeners. Unlike the commercial radio stations, it does not generate money from commercial adverts. This explains why its content is properly designed to suite the entire society which listens to it. Therefore, they need to support all its programs by constantly contributing to it and listening to all its programs. Read More
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NPR Verses Commercial Radio Shows Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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