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Celebrity endorsement:David Beckham &Samsung research - Assignment Example

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David is normally associated with popular global brands and it would have interesting to find out the value, if any, that his…
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Celebrity endorsement:David Beckham &Samsung research
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Extract of sample "Celebrity endorsement:David Beckham &Samsung research"

Download file to see previous pages eable to find out what was the cause of this outcome since previously, it had been believed that his endorsement deals were purely as a result of his sporting prowess. His continued relationship with some of the world leading brands has discarded this line of thought.
In the process of researching this relationship or partnership, specify one thing that you learned that was somewhat or completely unexpected about the celebrity, the event, or the sponsoring company. 
One thing that I learned about the entire sponsorship arrangement is that the celebrity after all does not have to be using the product that he or she endorses. After the endorsement event, the celebrity then proceeds to his or her normal life. Such an action however can have an impact on product loyalty especially if the consumers had been wholly driven to purchase the product or service as a result of the product or service association with the celebrity. In the case of David Beckham, he was on a number of occasions spotted using an i-phone. Some of the Samsung loyalists were up in arms with the company as they started to believe that the person who was tasked with the ambassadorial duties did not live up to the brand promise that he was supposed to uphold. This outcome was also unexpected from my end as I believed that once a celebrity endorses a brand, and then she or he is supposed to be seen as also a loyal customer for the brand.
The investment was a good one because it was ultimately designed to take advantage of a key sporting event that is popular all around the world. Samsung is a popular global brand and there was no better platform to reinvigorate the brand like the London 2012 Olympics. At the moment, David Beckham was considered as one of the key personalities who had helped London to formulate a successful bid and the country had all their attention directed at him. Also, the association with David Beckham slowed down the progress that some competitors were making in penetrating some ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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