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The media that I like most include print media like magazines on various social issues, television where I watch documentaries and social networking sites i.e. face…
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Media use forecast
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Media use forecast My media diet is based on a strict schedule considering the social environment which ranges from office to home. The media that I like most include print media like magazines on various social issues, television where I watch documentaries and social networking sites i.e. face book and twitter where I meet with friends and get updates on various current issues. In the workplace I read magazine during lunch time and focus much on social issues in marriage and relationships, healthcare and technology. After work when I go home where I have a complex social environment composed of people I respect including children, I watch documentaries on television and round it up with news between 8-9pm.
Before I sleep I browse internet in private and go through my Facebook page where I interact with friends and share personal experiences with various friends. In regard to the media content I focus on, I comment positively on various health-related issues on Facebook. I also comment on public debate by sending messages through twitter to the television network viewers and hosts. My media diet has helped me keep friends and official links that are of much socio-economic gain in my life (Johnson 43). The issues I focus on in media keeps me updated on latest healthcare research findings and emerging technology which is relevant for the contemporary competitive infection-ridden society.
My experience with the violent and sexual explicit media content in some programmes in television, magazines and Facebook began to absorb me and nearly cost me my job. I had become addicted and realized that besides losing my job I was also deviating from acceptable moral standards. I therefore decided to reconsider my media diet which has significantly improved my knowledge and moral conduct.
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Johnson, Clay. The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption. Sebastopol: OReilly Media, 2011. Internet resource. Read More
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Media Use Forecast Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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