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Casa of Montgomery County that is based in Maryland is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advocate for the timely placement of neglected as well as abused children in safe and permanent homes. The organization ensures that the children receive high quality care while…
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Part of PR plan
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Journalism, Mass Media and Communication part of PR Plan Casa of Montgomery County that is based in Maryland is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advocate for the timely placement of neglected as well as abused children in safe and permanent homes. The organization ensures that the children receive high quality care while under the courts control (Gordon Averill, 2011). This is achieved through recruitment, training and ongoing support and supervising of volunteers that are acquired from the community. These people are usually appointed by the judges of the juvenile court and serve as representatives of the defenseless population (Ledingham, 2000). The organization is partially funded by the county’s department of health and human services, the administrative office of the courts and the governor’s office of the crime control and prevention. Approximately half of the operating budget is acquired through raising money from foundations, community organizations and corporate and individual contributions. The money however may not be sufficient as records show that approximately 570,000 children are removed from their homes each year and placed under foster care (Melanie, 2006).
The organization should source funds from other organizations so as to be able to operate within their budget. They can get funds from organizations such as Chipotle to acquire charitable funds. This organization supports nonprofit organizations through a number of ways such as in restaurant fundraisers, donations in kind and through their scrip program (Moi, 2006). In restaurant fundraisers has been applied in schools. For instance there is a school that distributes students with a piece of paper that has an advert of a restaurant whereby parents are required to go and eat at least once after which they show the paper to the cashier who then channels the money to the school as donation (Gordon Averill, 2011). The organization can apply this strategy in its operation so as to raise funds to be able to sustain the operations. The organization can also purchase gift cards on discount from Chipotle and resale them to customers after which the difference can be used as donation to this organization (Melanie, 2006). Casa of Montgomery is eligible to apply for this programmes at Chipotle as their operations meet the requirements stipulated.
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Part of PR Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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