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Post One: I actually disagree with Paul Fahri and tend to lean toward the argument that Clay Shirky makes in “Should Newspapers Shut Down their Presses?” The web is not going anywhere anytime soon and the majority of people are now getting their news faster and in real-time…
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Should Newspapers Shut Down Their Presses (responses)
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12 April Response to Posts Post One: I actually disagree with Paul Fahri and tend to lean toward the argument that Clay Shirky makes in “Should Newspapers Shut Down their Presses?” The web is not going anywhere anytime soon and the majority of people are now getting their news faster and in real-time as it is happening by using technology. With the simple touch of the keys on a smartphone or a computer, we have more up-to-date information. Even local publications are shifting toward offering news online because it is a cheaper cost to run a website than it is to continuously print newspapers that people just read and throw away. I think that the youth around the world would rather have access to news when they want it. Unlike Fahri’s viewpoint that we will have to worry about all media organizations, I think with the increase of digital media, there will actually be more media outlets instead of less.
Post Two: I think that Farhi’s argument that printing news is adaptable but only if papers printed all of the time. By the time news hits the press, it is all over the web. By the next day when it hits the newsstands, it is old news, actually making it less efficient. What is the point of calling it news if it is old? I disagree that it will affect all news sources. I am siding with Shirky in the fact that newspapers are old and the wave of the digital world are increasing. There are now more opportunities to share news online. People that are growing older are starting to dabble in using technology so while newspapers will not phase out completely because some still like to hold that paper in their hands and read it, they will find that what they are really interested in can be found online and even local news that is relevant even in small towns can be found on social media sites.
Post Three: I feel like that there has to be at least one side to every argument. However, being a student learning about journalism and being young at that, I think we have to acknowledge and embrace change. What happened to radio? More people are listening to satellite radio or stations that provide specific music. Traditional radio phased out. Newspapers will do the same. There might be a few that hang around for the sake of people who like to hold a newspaper but with reading devices such as the Nook or Kindle, you can read the digital versions immediately. Everything that we need to know can be found through the Internet. I am with Shirky on the fact that newspapers will not adapt but instead society will adapt without newspapers. It is only a matter of time. Read More
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