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Alaska together with other states wants the social network, MySpace to reduce and prevent its accessibility by children. The chief security officer of MySpace says that they are spending…
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Writing and Reporting News, page 244-245, exercise 3
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NBC News Broadcast Alaska has finally joined with other 48 s to protect their children from bad behaviour. Alaska together with other states wants the social network, MySpace to reduce and prevent its accessibility by children. The chief security officer of MySpace says that they are spending a lot in protecting those who are under 18 from accessing the website. According to the website records, they already have more that 70 million members who are registered with the site.
Hemanshu Nigam, the chief security office in MySpace says that they are concerned with making their neighbourhoods as safe as their real ones. In order to enhance this protection, the website is already making profile designs for the members at the age of 14- 17 years. An FBI agent, Clerk Hershberger, said that this private protection mechanism cannot be safe with the children. Hershberger says that even though the website is making the efforts to increase security, the implementation is still difficult.
The directors have continued defending their website security efforts by saying that they are developing technology that will help parents keep off their children from the website. This will be enhanced by the parents adding their children’s addresses, and then the website would block them. In July, according to the MySpace directors, 30,000 profiles of sexual predators had been deleted from the website.
Drinkwater, the Alaska’s assistant attorney general says that MySpace needs to be commended in its efforts. She also commends the progress of MySpace in cracking down the registered sex offenders in the website. Drinkwater says that MySpace has agreed in verifying the identity online in order to analyze the programs and technological answers. She says that MySpace will make sure that those who register present their real identities.
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Carole Rich. ‎News Anchorage: Business & Economics Retrieved from (2009) Read More
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