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Out of all these, the one which is rather outstanding in terms of primary importance is to do with marketing. A company or organization has to adapt a good marketing strategy for the purpose of ensuring that…
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Zara Digital Strategy
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There are several elements which bring about the success of a business. Out of all these, the one which is rather outstanding in terms of primary importance is to do with marketing. A company or organization has to adapt a good marketing strategy for the purpose of ensuring that it stays ahead of other players in the industry. A good marketing plan will also ensure that the revenue which is achieved by the company is also good. The company which is in question in this case is Zara Company. The primary operation of this company is to do with clothes. There are clothes for all individuals and of all ages.
It is of the essence to note that there are various players when it comes to the clothing industry. These firms have also adapted rigorous strategies to ensure that they tap into the market potential and maintain the customers which they gain in the process. In the case of Zara, the first thing which should be embraced is to do with technology. The contemporary world is one which is marred with a lot of digital content. In this connection, the company ought to establish a significant presence on the internet. The website should be optimized for the purpose of ensuring it can be easily found and the information on it can be easily accessed. The company can also partner with search engine companies and include advertisements on the web pages that are searched. This will ensure that a significant number of web users are aware of the company and the activities it engages in.
Still in the case of internet presence, the company should have a presence on popular social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This is because such sites have a significant number of users who may have an interest on the products which are on offer. The information on these sites relating to the company should be continually updated to reflect the happenings within the company especially with regards to the products.
The main idea in the case of the marketing is to get as many people as possible to know about the products which Zara has to offer. At the same time, these people should also be shown that they can acquire the products which are on offer. The target market with regards to the products cuts across all age groups; ranging from the young even to people in their elderly years. Similarly, the prices of the commodities are mid range. This means that a significant number of individuals can own the clothes.
The marketing activity is one which can take quite a lot of financial outlay. However, the most important thing is to ensure that the message gets to the intended audience. The budget especially for the web presence can be in the region of six million dollars. This is with the realization that a significant number of customers make use of the web platform for the purpose of making their purchases. The other thing that may bring about such a budget is to do with the many portals which are established for the various countries such as the United Kingdom, Turkey and the United States.
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