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Aristotle established the three forms of rhetoric as ethos, pathos, and logos. Each of these elements of rhetoric corresponds to a specific form of rhetorical consideration. There are three main components of ethos –…
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Rhetorical Analysis Paper (Ethos, Pathos, and Logos)
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Rhetorical Analysis Paper Rhetorical analysis has existed since the time of Aristotle. Aristotle established the three forms of rhetoric as ethos, pathos, and logos. Each of these elements of rhetoric corresponds to a specific form of rhetorical consideration. There are three main components of ethos – initial ethos, derived ethos, and terminal ethos. Initial ethos considers the speaker’s credibility before the presentation. In this way the presentation contains a great degree of credibility. Salgado Maranhao is a renowned poet in Brazil and has even written lyrics for seminal Brazilian jazz and pop musicians. Additionally, Maranhao has won the prestigious Premio Jabuti award in 1999 and had a book – Color of the Word – recognized as the best book of poetry by the Brazilian Academy of Letters.
In terms of derived ethos the speaker is able to establish significant ethos within this category through his means of presentation. In this way he holds significant control over his poetic delivery and is able to carry the audiences’ attention throughout. For instance, he often pauses throughout his recitations as a means of creating viewer suspense. In this way it is clear that he is an experienced reader and understands his material deeply. Ultimately, this experienced and deep understanding of the poetry grants him significant terminal ethos.
Another prominent aspect of rhetorical criticism is logos. Logos considers forms of reasoning that contribute to the overarching rhetorical message. While poetry is recognized as deriving much of its meaning from eschewing traditionally structured forms of ‘reason,’ there are ways this presentation implements logos effectively. In these regards, Salgado Maranhao will use Latin phrases in his poetry; the speaker will then take a moment to explain these phrases to the audience. This adds credibility to his presentation through the recognition of the deep texture of the poems. In another instance the speaker takes time to explain specific aspects about the poems. For instance, he indicates that one poem is symbolic of man’s position in modern society. Ultimately, his willingness to discuss the underlining meaning of the poems contributes considerably to logos.
A final aspect of rhetorical criticism is pathos. Pathos specifically refers to the emotion that is established in the construction of the presentation. The speaker is effective in creating pathos both through his words and his modes of presentation. One of the most prominent means he achieves pathos is through linking his presentation style to the specific words. For instance, one poem contains the phrase ‘aches beneath hollow veins’ This phrase alone carries significant pathos, however the speaker is successful in achieving a heightened sense of pathos as he reads this phrase as if there were aches beneath his own veins. This practice of imbuing emotion into the poetic language is thematic throughout the presentation.
In conclusion, this essay has presented a rhetorical analysis on a presentation. The essay has considered ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos is established through Salgado Maranhao’s credibility as a poet. Pathos is established through the way the speaker conveys emotion, as well as in the specific poetic words expressed. Finally, logos is expressed through the explanations given about the poems. Read More
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