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Older Population - Research Paper Example

PAA does this through researching problems that are related to the human population in this case the older population. The PAA incorporates members and individuals that are interested in research and education revolving around the field of population. The members include demographers, public health professionals, economists, sociologists among other groups of individuals. The PAA has grown and has 3000 professionals that contribute to the growth of the organization in the population field (PAA, 2013). Interview A phone interview was done to get information on the nonprofit organization and what it does and the accomplishments it has done so far. The interviewee started by stating that the researches and all the professional activities carried out by PAA are all in line and consistent to the United States laws and regulations. This includes at both the federal and state level he further added that the researches are also within the scope of the accepted ethical standards. The association encourages its members to acquire and maintain knowledge with ethical principles since they do not have specified set of ethical standards. PAA also encourages its members to keenly identify and address ethical issues that might rise during their activities. The population association of America has come up with a strategy to help their members deal with this, which is in-cooperating profession code of ethical standards that are used by similar professional associations. The respondent focuses on the ever

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What are the suicidal risk factors for older adults
What are the suicidal risk factors for older adults? Suicide, among the older adults is a worrying trend. The aging population consists of 12% of the total population in United States of America (Marcovitz, 2010). There older population, are more likely to commit suicide than younger people, and this is because of their vulnerability to depression and other chronic illness.
13 pages (3250 words)Research Paper
Healthcare Inequality among older adults
This implies the direct relation between economic disparities among the old and their health status. The studies have shown that there is an increase in health differences between the old populations from different socioeconomic classes. The issue of retirement is earlier in the poor social class as compared to the rich class due to the fact that they lack proper medical care which leads to them retiring early.
15 pages (3750 words)Research Paper
Consequences Of An Older Population
Likewise, the discourse would address the political embattlement related to programs for the aged (i.e. Medicaid, Medicare, Disability, Welfare and Supplemental Security Income, and The Older Americans Act). Options that could be helpful in relieving this potential burden, in terms of increased taxes, Social Security reform, and reduction in assistance would also be discussed.
8 pages (2000 words)Research Paper
Consequences of older population
In addition, the study will discuss the issue of a lesser population contributing to social security in order to support a larger population. The study will further addresspolitical embattlement in relation to programs for the aged as well as the options to relieve the potential burden.
8 pages (2000 words)Research Paper
The consequences of an older population. Issues to be explored and discussed include the possible increased burden on the younge
The longevity of life is caused by improvement in health care, safety and enhanced social security programs. These factors offer the necessary conditions for prolonged life. The decline in birth rate is a product of enhancement of family planning methods and reduced fertility.
9 pages (2250 words)Research Paper
Holistic Care of Older Adults
When I first came to the United States, I was not very good in English, which made it very hard for me to go through school without encountering problems. My sponsor was able to realize this, and it when she recommended that I get a separate english tutor who happened to be D.A.
7 pages (1750 words)Research Paper
Older Population as a Vulnerable Group
The author highlights that the problem of population ageing is growing to be a potential threat to the social as well as economic development of the United Kingdom and suggests some measures to improve the situation. Proper educational and social interaction programs may provide older adults with increased social support.
8 pages (2000 words)Essay
Educational attainment and intelligence also have a correlation between suicide, according to one study. Elderly suicide is an issue that cuts across population, cultural and gender lines. Therefore, the most prudent
6 pages (1500 words)Research Paper
Muscloskeletal joint disease showing and increase in occurrences as our population gets older
The graph presents data in the form of percentages on the primary axis and number of people on the secondary axis. Summary: The
1 pages (250 words)Research Paper
Challenges posed by the aging population (be specific)
Some policy analysts and health economists stipulate that the demographic potential bomb is just but a minor factor that the health
4 pages (1000 words)Research Paper
rising older population in the United States. The older population has steadily increased since the 1900s. In 1999 the number of older people in the United States between 65 and over was recorded to 34.4 million. The older people represented 12.7 % of the total US population. The ratio of older people was one in every eight people. This number has continuously increased by 10.6 % since 1990 as compared to the increase of Americans under the age of 65 which is 9.1% over the years. The sex ratio of the older persons that older women were more compared to older men; in 1999 older women population was recorded at 20.2 million while, that of older men was 14.3 million(National Center for Health Statistics (U.S.) & United States, 1937). This stated that the sex ratio was 141 women for every 100 men. This ratio has greatly increased in group form. In the age group of 65-69, the ratio increased from 188 to a high of 237 for persons in the age group of 85 and over. He further states that the older population in America of 65+ has greatly increased since 1990. It has increased 11 times more from 3.1 million to 34.5 million. The older population is also getting older shifting the increase in the various age clusters. For example, in 1999 the age group 65-74 was recorded to be eight times larger as compared to the group in 1900. The age group 75-84 was 16 times larger and the 85 plus group was 34 times larger than that in 1900. The respondent further stated that the life expectancy of persons reaching the age of 65 in 1998 was likely to have additional 17.8 years live. The females’ additional life expectancy was higher compared to that of men; 19.2 years for females and 16 years for males. He concludes that the older population will continue will continue to grow. Although there was a decrease in the population in the 1990s due to the great depression of 1930s but the population is likely to multiply between 2010 and 2030 when the baby boom generation hits age 65.


The Older Population Name Institution The Older Population The Population Association of America (PAA) started on December 1930 in New York University. The PAA was an outcome of the American National Committee of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) that was formed in 1927…
Older Population
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