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Your F. name 14 May 2012 The Breakfast Club The movie, “The Breakfast Club,” is an excellent example of various types of communication in which the students must get along one whole day despite the fact that each has the other stereotyped…
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The Breakfast Club Movie Review
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Download file to see previous pages There are several methods of communication, verbal and nonverbal, that appear in this film. Each character has their own different attitude and self-concept that is evident throughout the majority of the movie. They have difficulties communicating because they are more likely to be arguing about certain subjects that they are discussing. Since their peers have labeled them as a certain type, it seems as though their self concept of themselves is much different than the image that they convey to others. What many of the characters realize throughout the film is that their self concepts of themselves really do not differ that much from each other. Sometimes, they put up a certain front in order to almost fit their stereotype and it is an effort to put up a wall. However, the characters start to ask questions of each other and this breaks the stereotypes. Each student's self image and self concept starts to evolve and they realize that maybe they have more in common then they first realized. Interpersonal communication is something that people do not realize that they are doing. Sometimes it is a subconscious reaction. Those subconscious reactions are, however, very strong and powerful messages. Interpersonal communication can be defined as how involved people are when engaging. This includes proximity and how close together people are standing or sitting in relation to each other. Interpersonal communication also includes sensory responses such as eye contact. It also includes feedback. In a smaller group, the communication is more intimate because people are usually in closer proximity to one another and feedback is more immediate as response times are generally quicker (Borchers). That is one situation that members of “The Breakfast Club” have troubles overcoming. Generally these are a group of students that typically would not interact. However, when put in a single room together and there is a small group of them, they must somehow communicate with one another. Even though this is a group that would stereotypically not usually mingle, they still are able to communicate with one another. Despite the fact that each character had their own certain stereotypes, as the film carries on, they start to defy their stereotypes in order to communicate with one another. The other members of the group realize that how they had stereotyped another person was not in fact who they really were. Just because someone looks or acts a certain does not define what is truly within them. By the end of the film though, they have learned more about each other despite their differences and have somehow united and gained unspoken friendship despite the oddity that none of them fit in the same social groups with each other. When discussing interpersonal communication, there are four major principles. The first is that it is inescapable; the second is that it is irreversible; is complicated; and lastly, is contextual. Each of these is fundamental to communication. Communication is contextual. Depending on the type of environment you are in, what your own motives or desires are, the interaction of a classroom or even different cultures, genders or stereotypes even interact differently (King). The beginning of The Breakfast Club is a time when obviously none of the students want to be there. They feel as though they are stuck with a group of people that will make the day long because it seems as though none of them have anything in common. At times, their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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