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TV Networks Coverage - Admission/Application Essay Example

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TV Networks Coverage No: Date: University: TV networks coverage TV networks coverage has become more authentic and effective in all mediums of communication. Now a person relies on TV networks coverage more as compared to other mediums…
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TV Networks Coverage
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Download file to see previous pages I will also discuss about the social groups which are represented in the news story and weather the news channels are taken at face value, or they are sensationalized for entertainment. I will also discuss how these channels effects on our personal life, why or why not. I have seen and read a news story from three different channels and have found a difference between three of the coverage’s and this is news about violence which is taking place in Syria and because to sort it out, UN Security council arranged a meeting in which Russia and China who are the members of that council as well as have the veto power to take decisions, had totally condemned the draft resolution that was against the violence which are taking place openly in the streets due to which killings of local inhabitants happen. UN Security council has talked about to change the government which is under President Bashar al-Assad, because after his government violence in Syria has been increased. BBC point of views in the news is totally subjective because the news story is consisting of facts either than opinions. According to Arab league plan, the president of the country leaves his government as soon as possible so that new government could make within two months. British, France and America agreed their plan on the contrary, Syria itself condemned this plan. Proposed Russian amendment to the text was described as "unacceptable" by the US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice ( 2012). Ms Rice condemned the vetoes as "shameful". It showed, she said, how Russia and China aimed to "sell out the Syrian people and shield a craven tyrant"."Any further bloodshed that flows will be on their hands," Ms Rice added. BBC demonstrates that news story totally based on facts and lives coverage of the events that has made news more effective ( 2012). According to BBC news, 200 casualties happened in Homs per day which was later minimized to 50, the city which has become the anti Assad government ( 2012). As compared to BBC, CNN news channel said that 321 casualties happened in between the two days. In the BBC news, interviews of local inhabitants of Homs have not taken and in the CNN news interviews of local inhabitants were also shown. CNN demonstrates its news story totally biased to activist group and against government as well as it was also shown in CNN news that activist groups are right and government is wrong ( 2012). Fox news and BBC are also biased, they supported activist group and was against government of Syria ( 2012). According to Fox channel, 200 killings have taken place in which 144 killings happened in Khaldiyeh, the place where large amount of Sunnis live. As compared to fox news, BBC and CNN did not show the killings of Khaldiyeh, which should be shown in the news story because, this is an important part of the news story. Several wounded bodies were also shown in Khaldiyeh mosque where Sunnis said their prayers. Government denied that video and said these killings are not the result of bombardment on the contrary the bodies which are in videos, are the people who were kidnapped by the terrorists. Fox news point of views regarding about that news are subjective that means fox news has shown that news are opinion based and want to guilty Syrian Government and do not have authentic proofs as compared to BBC and CNN ( 2012). It was also shown in BBC news that activists have fired on Syrian embassy and it was shown in Fox ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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