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Happy Coffee: Key Features of the Project - Coursework Example

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HappyCoffee: Key Features of the Project Preface In the paper we are to give our overall observations, theoretically and practically, on the key features of the project that was mentioned in the instructions. Therefore, in the Chapter 1, “Key Features of the Project,” we are giving laconically all traits of the future project in its cohesion…
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Happy Coffee: Key Features of the Project
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Download file to see previous pages In general, all these aspects of the project are mentioned in corresponding chapters, being able to produce the sufficient image of the future project, with its pros and cons. Key Features of the Project In order to analyze the key features of the project, we should assess critically the client's needs and the target audience, demonstrating awareness of the main characteristics of this project in relation to the client’s needs, the target audience, the current trends in the industry and the quality standards expected. Accordingly, The Client, HappyCoffee, a new chain of coffee bars in London serving only organic and fair trade coffee and food, wants a web site to disseminate information about the location of the bars, the coffee and food menus and the special organic coffee and food they serve. This means that they expect a rich media website with photographs, a video showing the bars, a blog where customers can leave comments; also, they want a mini Flash game for marketing purposes, which should have a coffee/food-related theme. Therefore, The Client is based in the UK; the production of the entire project should be completed in six months; the client will provide the text content; the client will not provide the visual assets, video, etcetera; all the media assets will have to be produced by SuperNewMedia; main target audience for this project: potential customers in London, mainly aged 20-40, and tourists visiting London. So, after a thorough investigation of the client’s needs and the target audience, in this Chapter 1, dedicated to the brief analysis of the key features of the project, we must bring some considerations on the current trends in the industry and the quality standards expected. Specifically, nowadays in contemporary London coffee bars’ industry we can elucidate such inevitable traits: popularity of organic and fair food and coffee; (Allen and Albala, 2007, p. 288) reducing of prizes toward the organic and fair menus when they go in combination with non-organic or unfair types of production; inclining of new media services which are as usual proposed within a unified set of services in the cafe; level of the client expectations’ meeting is arisen. (Sandhusen, 2000, p. 216 - 218) Furthermore, quality standards in London organic and fair food and coffee’ cafes, which we are expected to meet, could be proposed as following: these highly quality expectations are now related to not only food or coffee services, but rather to the additional services, including New Media support, web site designing, video materials, promoting clips, etcetera; also, these expectations demand a certain team philosophy and cooperation from all levels of its activity, both with top management and common workers; moreover, high motivation level is demanded from the employees in order to meet all the client’s expectations; then, they demand not only sufficient team cooperation, but also developing an effective marketing conception. All the aforesaid explanations are not of abstract character, because now it is commonly held that coffee chain provides its clients with the good basic functions, but an emphasis concerning quality standards transfers on rather supporting materials and services. (Sandhusen, 2000 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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