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Foreign Newspaper Report - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: I have chosen to utilize two articles from the times London newspaper that show the newspapers coverage of the foreign relations of the UK with other countries in the last two weeks. I will focus on internal relations issues such as global finance and corruption…
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Foreign Newspaper Report
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Download file to see previous pages I choose the article “World economy on verge of new jobs crash and bigger recession on the way” and “Corrupt nation holding a gun, to a just as corrupted EU head's” on which the report will focus (Smith 4). There is a specific theoretical framework that I am on familiar terms with, which journalists make their analysis. This particular theoretical framework is the title of the articles the journalists use for their analysis. When the journalists write the title, they already show the readers what side of the story they have taken and will concentrate on portraying it that way. The journalists ponder and develop their thoughts and facts on what the possible reactions would come from the topic of the article. The journalists take the thoughts that are related in one way or another to the topic of the article and put them in a group of themes that frame the story in the article as a whole (Heiss 3). There are a number of elements apart from the theoretical framework that are made out or which can be applied on the articles chosen. The newspaper articles utilize the 5w’s which stand for who, what, where, when, etcetera in the first paragraph through to the second paragraph. The Journalist of the articles chosen, utilize a number of a lot of paragraphs that are short and to the point instead of long paragraphs because if the readers see long paragraphs a majority may not likely read the article. The articles start with a new paragraph every time a novel quote is appended or novel information is put in, add interest to article, and supports the story.. The articles have creative headlines with large fonts that grab the attention of readers and relates soundly to the topic. The articles have a byline, which provides the name of the writer. The articles chosen have a lead sentence that is used to capture the attention of readers, as well as sums up the focal point of the lead. The lead sentence in these articles recognizes the subject, lays down the tone, as well as guiding the reader to reading the articles. The newspaper articles chosen are chronological, cause and effect, classification, list, and inquire and answer questions relating to the topic (Smith 6). Global finance and corruption are international issues that are important to the UK. Global finance is important to the UK because it directs how business will be carried out in the entire United Kingdom. Global finance enables the UK to know where it stands and lets it to make sound economic decisions that favor the country by studying and evaluating the economic trends in other countries worldwide with which they do business with as a whole. Corruption is important to the UK because corruption affects the country as a whole, it undermines political development, democracy, economic development, the environment, peoples health and others (Heiss 5). The likely implications of global finance and corruption that global finance enable a country to grow and be able to develop because of the information that global finance holds. This is because sometimes the global community influences how a country makes its fiscal decisions for it to be able to triumph and make sound decisions for the country as a whole. The implications for corruption is that corruptions make a country to lower its development as a country in a number of ways, which degrades the country and makes the country poor, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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