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Evaluation of an Article Small Change by Malcolm Gladwell - Book Report/Review Example

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‘Small Change’: Article Review Malcolm Gladwell’s article ‘Small Change’ in the NewYorker, lauds great volume of criticism against the generalized trend of inflating the credits of social networking sites in organized public activities…
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Evaluation of an Article Small Change by Malcolm Gladwell
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Extract of sample "Evaluation of an Article Small Change by Malcolm Gladwell"

Download file to see previous pages Some Changes clearly explains the vulnerability of the mighty social networking giants, Facebook and Twitter as an organizing element among the contributors to the social protests in the present world. This article is introduced with the reference of the sit-out protest of the four black students in Greensboro of North Carolina, who were denied social justice at a public restaurant. Gladwell has shown his excellence in applying critical literature in his endeavors for the socially digitalized transmission of unbiased news for the benefit of real awareness of people about actual happenings beyond the conservatively designed perceptions and assumptions. A noted style of the author is his withdrawal from the concept commercialization as seen among most other writers. The ‘Small Change’ is an article with a comprehensive analysis of the relative value of social networking sites in the promotion and enhancement of public outcry with a number of situational references. As an overview of the entire text details in the article, it is obvious that factual narrations related to public affairs are no fictions. Small Changes indicate the author’s impartial stance of evaluative views of the corporate social networking sites both as a digitally managed internet based organizing agent and as a tool for connecting people together through virtual friendship and information sharing. Gladwell’s distinguished ability to connect a micro reference to explore the macro level analysis is evident from the way he used the success story of the four blacks organizing a sit-down protest and its eventual popularity in order to establish the logic that protests are self equipped beyond the need for social networking aided by internet. Apart from satirical logics, the presentation of the article marvels with the tone of the literature and the distribution of wide range information in the description of incidents associated with the general argument of the author. Small Change uses a tone of the literature to criticize the sites Facebook and Twitter with comfortable level of appreciation for them. Gladwell establishes that the models of social networking have evidently aided socialized communication. He says, “The new tools of social media have reinvented social activism”, where by assisting the powerless to collaborate and make organized voice against the authority perils. On the other hand he criticizes that organized movements had been successfully carried out by the people much before the virtual communication tools were developed. For this effect, he indicates the example of Mississippi Freedom Summer Project of 1964 of a civil-rights movement. The author points out the fact that social networking sites are the most effective means of globalised communication for building acquaintances but the organized endeavor of the people for a common objective is highly impracticable as the members and favorites belong to different geographical locations. The author has introduced a narration based on evidences from the actual incidents that convinces the readers to assume that the internet based trials of organizing is of little effect, and for the real success, people must physically gather at the scene of the activity. He describes the examples of PLO’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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