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MBTI Analysis - Research Paper Example

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YOUR NAME HERE YOUR COURSE HERE YOUR TUTOR HERE DATE HERE Personality Analysis Paper BACKGROUND OF MBTI ANALYSIS The Myer-Briggs Type Indicator describes the different personality-related characteristics that act as predictors for the type of career and lifestyle a person will lead…
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MBTI Analysis Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, extraversion versus intraversion determines the level to which a person is predicted to be more social or withdrawn. Each of these traits have an opposite personality trait and the strength of each is determined by a higher score for each type on the MBTI. RESULTS OF MBTI The results of the MBTI indicated my personality type was ESFJ, with a moderate expression of extraversion, a moderate score in judging, a moderate expression of feeling, and a very slight expression of sensing as part of my personality dynamics. The highest scores were extraversion with 56 and judging also with 56. These were my most significant scores of the four types. I am currently studying nursing, a job role that requires direct intervention with diverse and culturally-different patients, therefore extraversion is a desired trait in the role of nurse practitioner. Nurses are considered the primary source of information for patients and must serve as an advocate based on a trusting foundation of sociability (Morrison, 4). Extraverts “are keenly interested in other people and external events, and venture forth with confidence into the unknown” (Ewen, 1998, p.127). This suggests a higher level of sociability than an intraverted personality type, meaning that it is a predictor of a well-adjusted ability to function well in group environments. The extravert enjoys social environments and often takes a leadership role when exploring discussion in the group concept. In the role of nurse practitioner, there must be the ability to work directly with patients in order to explore their needs and concerns. Especially when dealing with patients that are battling difficult illnesses, they rely on the competence and social knowledge of the nurse in order to find quality and dimension in effective treatment programs. An introverted individual would not be able to serve the patient needs effectively and it is likely that the quality of treatment would suffer in the long-term. This is why the MBTI index results reinforced that nursing is a quality profession for my unique personality type. I also maintain a moderate judging personality versus the opposite, which is feeling. Judging is the tendency to prefer a structured and orderly environment that is based on factual data, rather than in feeling where intuition and hunches are preferred over logical information. It is “the preferred method of managing the outer world” (Lucas, 2007, p.14). This, too, is important in the role of a nurse where orderly scheduling and statistical information must be considered when developing an appropriate treatment plan. It serves the role of the nurse practitioner well to be able to use logical analyses rather than acting on instinctive information so that the quality of patient care is top-notch. When working directly with physicians, there must be structure both in management and in the management of data to ensure zero errors and be able to coordinate treatment-based activities effectively. This is a field that would not be served well with an instinctive philosophy as is associated with perceiving and does not afford much in terms of spontaneity. Feeling also maintained a moderate score of 44, based on the results of the MBTI. This is how a certain personality type prefers to make decisions, either based on empathy, such as with feeling or as associated with thinking methodology. Feeling is a more personal type ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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