New forms of advertising in digital age and social media. Fashion Blogs: A viable tool for marketing fashion brands - Research Paper Example

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This research project is a proof that fashion blogging has a very good future. It will definitely be more commercial in the coming years and become a much stronger tool. With the investigation we can confirm the initial hypothesis: Fashion Blogs are indeed viable marketing tools, in many different manners…
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New forms of advertising in digital age and social media. Fashion Blogs: A viable tool for marketing fashion brands
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Download file to see previous pages Advertising was always the best medium to communicate with the consumer. It was reliable and extensive and the advertiser had control over what he wanted communicated to the public. Come the present times however, there has been a totalt transformation in this scenario due to social media. Advertising in traditional media is undergoing a dramatic decline due to the increasingly popular use of digital media and increased methods of bypassing traditional advertisement. Today if a brand is not on a social networking site their presence on internet is equal to zero.
Social networking which is a creation of user-generated content has very rapidly taken over traditional forms of advertising. Long gone are the days when the marketer had complete control over the content that was being passed on to consumers about their brand. Due to social networking tools, now the consumers are the marketers. They create, consume and then distribute the content amongst hundreds and millions of readers. Social media has changed the media ecosystem today (Browning, 2008). Social media websited include Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many more. These websites are easy to use and instantaneously pass on a message to millions of people. The makers of these sites have even released versions that work on mobile phones and tablet PCs, making these sites accessible from literally anywhere. Gone are the days when you had to switch on your PC for every little thing. You can post a blog even on the move.It is because of such factors that blogs, as an example of “new advertising”, is a rapidly growing trend in Internet advertising. As the internet is expanding its horizons, blogging has become an integral part of businesses marketing strategies.

They are however not only restricted to businesses, the “blog” is the 21st century alternative to a website. What makes a blog so appealing is the fact that anyone can create his a blog about any topic they want, free of cost.This makes blogging a preferred medium, especially for people who are socially active. Today, along with other social websites such as Twitter and Facebook, blogs are a source of appeal to several advertisers. They not only use it to promote their brands, but also to reach out in a better manner to their audience. This paper aims to highlight the relevance of blogs as a new form of advertising with respect to the fashion industry. Fashion blogs are one of the most successful blogs today. Fashion bloggers are not just journalists or writers, they end up becoming brand ambassadors and thus, more influential than the physical clothing outlets (Wright, 2009). Fashion Blogging- What is it? Fashion blogs like the name suggests tell the readers about the latest trends in fashion. They cover everything from clothing, accessories, runway trends, street style and celebrity fashion. The trend of Fashion blogs was first reported in the U.S. in 2002 and since then it has rapidly increased. In 2003, just a year later 40 fashion bloggers were invited to New York fashion week. In the blogging world fashion blogging leads a very competitive environment between independent fashion bloggers and fully funded fashion blog networks (Heathcote, 2010). Fashion blogs target young adult women, female teens, and men with an interest in fashion. In addition, such blogs often have more appeal to the white Western community although readers of fashion blogs come from all over the world. They usually start as a hobby targeting one outlet and then gradually grow as they get more viewers. Fashion bloggers do not have any difficulty in attracting viewers to their blogs because of their unique writing style. As it is no formal journalism, the bloggers can adopt any writing style which they believe will make it easier for the reader to be convinced. It’s all about connecting with the reader. A fashion blog can contain photographs (possibly taken from the blogger itself) about anything ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I didn’t know how to start my research paper. "New forms of advertising in digital age and social media. Fashion Blogs: A viable tool for marketing fashion brands?" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of closing part was valuable.

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