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Internet Censorship in the United Arab Emirates - Essay Example

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This essay explores the Internet Censorship, the suppression or the control of publishing and accessing certain information within the Internet. The concept aims at blocking users from the access of information typically viewed as a form of infringement and harmful on copyright…
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Internet Censorship in the United Arab Emirates
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Extract of sample "Internet Censorship in the United Arab Emirates"

Download file to see previous pages This essay tells that internet censorship also allows the control of ideas and information within the Internet, some countries such as those within the United Arab Emirates does control the information over some of the internet connected computers. It is a form of “total internet censorship,” the concept is, however, difficult to implement due to the improvement and the continuous distribution of internet technology. Generally, the concept of internet censorship involves the limiting of information that can be accessed on the Internet for a particular set of reasons; the concept involves the suppression of assessing and publishing content online. This, in turn, means that censorship involves blocking the information at the time of publishing the information or controlling sites designed to inhibit the access of the online information. The concept at times involves a form of deceitful techniques, in these instances, the government blocks the information and at the same time lead the public into believing that the concept is not applied. In most cases, the application of the concept involves issuing fake ISP which provides a “not found” error message when the internet user requests to access the page. In most cases people tend to ignore the administrative control of online information, however, in the concept of internet censorship, the administrative body (the government) possesses the power to block the reception of specific information and the reception of certain sites. Some of the most prominent countries which adapt to the concept include North Korea, Vietnam, China, Burma, and Saudi Arabia (as per the Paris government organization), however, even with the known countries, other countries adapt to the concept with the belief that the concept is beneficial to the whole country. Internet censorship acts as a regulatory necessity which aims at ‘protecting’ against larger issues within the society, those that oppose the concept believe that the authoritative control within the concept imposes the basic rights and also infringes the freedom of the press. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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