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MS Excel and Access in Financial Calculations of Business Operations - Coursework Example

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the Microsoft Excel and Acess tools in terms of business financial calculations. As is evident from the discussion presented, all the requirements can be implemented using both MS Access and MS Excel, however, a few issues shall be noted…
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MS Excel and Access in Financial Calculations of Business Operations
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Download file to see previous pages As for the customer records, the basic information is necessary which includes
Reward system is a marketing method devised by Flyguys to facilitate and attract the customer. The system that is proposed is required to cater to its requirements. The system should keep track of how many partial journeys or full journey a particular customer has made and whether they are eligible for a reward, 50% discount on their next respective flight. The system is required to implement this discount on the next booking which means a connection with bookings record is necessary (FLIGHT MANAGEMENT COMPUTER, 2015). Moreover, the system should reset the count as well or another method could use the mod function to find how many flights shall be counted for a discount for a certain customer.
The third and quite important requirement by Flyguys is reporting mechanism. This is an extremely important aspect of any business so that it can study, analyze and tune its working (Couch, 2013). This is also important in terms of bureaucratic and policy matter within the company and to keep at par with the external environment (Couch, 2013). The reports feature, combined with carefully constructed queries, in MS Access is of special importance here. This also leaves the Excel’s filters and reporting methods far behind in terms of efficiency and ease of use.
A workbook titled “Customers” is used to hold records and lookup functions are used to access and modify the contents where necessary. Filters can be used to create reports of specific records (McFedries, 2013). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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MS Excel and Access in Financial Calculations of Business Operations Coursework - 1.
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