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ATM Services - Assignment Example

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This paper stresses that use case diagrams are a pictorial representation of how the user is interacting with the system and depicting the specification of the use case, such that they can display various types of users of the system. ATM services are well illustrated using the case diagrams…
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ATM Services
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Download file to see previous pages After selection of the withdraw option, at this point the user is requested to select the type of account he or she is willing to withdraw from i.e. saving the account, fixed account, and deposit account. After selecting a type of account you wish to withdraw from, you enter the amount you wish to withdraw and submit to bank database for verification. The system verifies whether the amount submitted by the bank customer is sufficient for withdrawal, if not, the customer is requested to enter different amount whereas if the amount entered is approved by the bank or there is sufficient cash, the system sends the account number, PIN, choosen account and the amount in the bank which approves the transaction thus dispensing the correct amount requested by the user and issues a receipt else if the transaction is disapproved because of the incorrect PIN, the disapproval are reported to the system thus initiating Failed Transaction extension. Therefore, informing the bank whether the transaction has been approved or not; it is completed the bank debits the customer’s for the amount.
A transaction involved when depositing dollar amount starts with a session when a customer chooses from the possible transaction types indicated or shown by an ATM machine or system. Therefore, he or she chooses the type of account he or she is wishing to deposit to form the various menu accounts option given and then he proceeds by choosing the amount of dollar through pressing the key or typing digits of the amount to be deposited. During this moment, the bank customer information is sent to the bank database for verification i.e. user card number, PIN, the amount to be deposited, and amount to the bank. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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ATM Services Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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