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Plan and Design of a Small System for Healthcare Facilities - Research Paper Example

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The research paper depicts the final plan to design a small system project. The paper even addresses the key technical issues that may affect the course of implementation. A detailed description has also been provided on the use of software and hardware for increased effectiveness in the process…
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Plan and Design of a Small System for Healthcare Facilities
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Extract of sample "Plan and Design of a Small System for Healthcare Facilities"

Download file to see previous pages The development of the system infrastructure would enhance the healthcare’s mode of information sharing as well as help the healthcare to develop a better approach towards monitoring their patients. However, the proper functioning of the EMR system also requires major development in the technologies. The proper maintenance of the technologies would ensure that the system runs successfully. The research paper elaborates on the key technical failures as well as helps in developing a model that would ensure proper flow of information.
The System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a process that helps in developing the information system, which ensures a structured and standardized process of management. The SDLC model helps in developing, planning, coding, and testing that helps in enhancing the management within an organization. The SDLC model helps in developing, replacing and maintaining specific software. The lifecycle explains the procedure, which helps in increasing the quality of the software being used as well as incorporating an overall development (Cohen et al., 2010). In the present day, there are a number of SDLC models that are available for the development of different information sharing models. The SDLC models have been highly effective in managing the Information Technology (IT) and the infrastructure of different organizations in the long run (Amlani, 2012).
With the explosive growth in the data system, it has become mandatory for the healthcare organization to develop a proper system that would assist them to maintain their IT process. Moreover, with the present day development, the implementation of the related level of quality care in the clinical system has been made mandatory for the healthcare to incorporate a better information system. The online system development even needs improvement and enhancement of proper security and protection.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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