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The Impersonal Nature of Social Networking Sites - Case Study Example

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The paper 'The Impersonal Nature of Social Networking Sites' presents social networking which is unquestionably a part of life for a majority of the people around the globe. This position emanates from the presence of quite a number of social media websites and applications…
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The Impersonal Nature of Social Networking Sites
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Extract of sample "The Impersonal Nature of Social Networking Sites"

Download file to see previous pages With these provisions, it would be possible to determine that social media interactions dominate online as well as offline conversations between people. This confirms the presumption that online communication has become the norm in the current society. Social media acts as a platform for identity construction, wherein an individual could identify him or herself differently from real life.
Due to technological progressions, there is a gradual altercation on ways of communication, socialization and the way people interact. By extension, technological developments affect the manner in which people maintain relationships (Gross and Acquisti, 45). Individuals in the current generation are privileged to use multifunctional technologies that can combine internet access with the cell phone, global positioning devices, music, and camera functions. The new communication tools have become an integral part of people’s social lives, which makes it difficult for them to imagine how they can cope without them. Social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, among others, facilitate efficient and easier communication in the current fast-paced global society (Gross and Acquisti, 52). This takes place by connecting multiple audiences through a single platform. Ultimately, it enables fundamentally new forms of interaction.
The popularity of social networking sites is evident in the changes made to the latest technologies. The technologies have gone through transformations to accommodate easy access to different sites. For instance, mobile phone companies incorporate direct links to sites such as Twitter or Facebook into their software, which makes it easy for people to connect and share their interests with others. This is a confirmation that social networking sites have permeated into the daily lives of individuals. One of the major elements in the functionality of Facebook is the photograph application. The application provides people with the ability to disseminate some of the images that they choose to represent them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Impersonal Nature of Social Networking Sites Case Study, n.d.)
The Impersonal Nature of Social Networking Sites Case Study.
(The Impersonal Nature of Social Networking Sites Case Study)
The Impersonal Nature of Social Networking Sites Case Study.
“The Impersonal Nature of Social Networking Sites Case Study”.
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