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The Use of Twitter in the Organisation of Users Everyday Lives - Assignment Example

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The study focuses on the use of Twitter as a social networking tool in the organization of users’ everyday lives. Because of this, different aspects and areas of the use of the social media website were investigated. A population made up of people from different demographic backgrounds has been used…
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The Use of Twitter in the Organisation of Users Everyday Lives
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Download file to see previous pages A total of 14 major activities were seen as part of the usage of Twitter. These activities were common in most of the participants but were not always present in all the participants. The 14 activities can be organized into specific activities such as account usage, messaging, following, profile work, and creation of topic. Of the various activities that participants perform, it was found that some were active whiles others were passive activities. Most forms of passive activities involved reading while active activities involved interaction with the keyboard or mouse in sending messages.
The topic that the study looked at is “Understanding the Use of Twitter in the Organisation of Users’ Everyday Lives”. The topic was based on the purpose of understanding how people use Twitter and what is being done in their use of twitter how they organize their activity. The study was therefore taken from an ethnographic perspective, where the different personal and cultural considerations made by people in the use of Twitter were all considered.
The setting of the study was a typical workplace setting, where participants were part of the people I had very regular interaction with. This setting was selected due to the understanding that I have about their daily social lives and the ones they have for me. The fieldwork lasted for a total of 21 with almost 4 hours spent with each of the 5 participants. For each participant, a multiple meeting was used to observe the person. After this, 3 days were used to transcribe and analyze the data that were collected from the field work
Because of the research setting involved, all participants were adults 18 years old and above. Part of the data collection however diverted to concerns that the participants have for their minor kids or siblings using Twitter.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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