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Criminal Justice: Cyber Crime Investigation - Research Paper Example

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The author states that cybercrime and its investigation process area necessity in today’s time. National governments need to examine the current status to determine if they are sufficient enough to combat with the kinds of crimes committed through the wired technology…
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Criminal Justice: Cyber Crime Investigation
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Extract of sample "Criminal Justice: Cyber Crime Investigation"

Download file to see previous pages A few decades back we could only hear about cybercriminals and hackers. A recent third generation of cyber criminals has also emerged in the web world (Wall. 2007, p.3). Headlines of frequent cyber attack force the industries to enhance their attention in this regard with rapid actions. Apart from these, there are many countless instances of illegal accesses and damages around the world that remain unreported such as the victims fear from the exposure due to several vulnerabilities, the potential threat for copycat crimes, and the loss of public faith and confidence. Cybercriminals have the capability of defying conventional jurisdictional realms in many sovereign nations, by commencing an attack from almost any electronic device like a computer across the world and sending it across multiple computers in different national boundaries. They can also design attacks that can appear to have originated from foreign sources (Cyber Crime . . . and Punishment? Archaic Laws Threaten Global Information, 2010, p.4). Such techniques eventually increase both the technical as well as legal complexities in investigating and prosecuting the cyber crimes. However, not all cyber crimes are against law or considered unethical as can be the case in police actions and judicial interferences (Wall, 2007, p.3).
There are instances of cyber crime in many forms. The most common form of cybercrime that has become prevalent today is data theft. Apart from this accessing emails through fake profiles, hacking it unethically, credit card fraud, online share trading fraud, tax evasion and money laundering, source code theft, theft of confidential information, piracy in software, music etc (Real world cybercrime cases, 2008). Let us take an example of cyber crime related to credit card fraud. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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