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According to the report, the aspect of cyber terrorism, considered to be quite significant in this era of globalization, is observed to be increasing rapidly in the world. It can be described as an unlawful attack that is made especially against the computers along with their supported networks…
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Cyber Terrorism
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Download file to see previous pages Maximum interdependence upon the computer systems as well as the internet which has been broadly executed by the society in this modern world. Principally, the idea of cyber terrorism engages the utilization of different infrastructures in relation to computer systems with the intention of terrorizing the entire community. The terrorism through cyberterrorism cyber attack i.e. the internet generally does not possess any sort of physical harm towards any individual, society or business organization. It can spread massive fear by terrorizing the community with the application of cyber terrorism by maltreatment of the computer systems along with the execution of internet (Cohen, 2010).
The different kinds of cyber terrorism or crime have been identified to be robbery of money, stealing valuable company secrets, information as well as records and attacking the overall infrastructure of a particular organization or people that would lay the foundation of real damage. The significant fact of the increased rate of cyber terrorism or crime is that different forms of innovative technologies are introduced and are becoming quite advanced at a tremendous rate which ultimately contributes towards raising the threat of cyber terrorism or crime by a noteworthy level (Claire, 2011).
In this paper, a comprehensive report about cyber terrorism or crime has been portrayed. Various aspects that include the benefits through the execution of the procedure of cyber attacks on behalf of the cyber terrorists and significant effects of cyber terrorism will be presented. Moreover, the different probable tools of cyber attacks and the necessary remedial measures or procedural strategies in order to defend and to control cyber terrorism will also be depicted in the discussion. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cyber Terrorism Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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