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MCDM, Inc - Information Technology Infrastructure - Case Study Example

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This paper "MCDM, Inc - Information Technology Infrastructure" focuses on MDCM which is faced with a lot of problems relating to the way it currently communicates to its customers and suppliers. The following projects are briefly analyzed after which the portfolio application model matrix is used.  …
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MCDM, Inc - Information Technology Infrastructure
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Download file to see previous pages Unifying methodology and technical standards (Project A) – This is important to the strategic goals of the organization and since new projects would conform to these standards it is best that it be put in place expeditiously. Eliminating the many different standards is fundamental to the timely preparation of financial information on which decisions can be based and on which financial forecasting can be done. It will also reduce the time taken to complete projects and make the sharing of knowledge more effective.
Consolidating data centres and network (Project B) – The savings of $1.1 million to be achieved from this project makes it a choice project not only for its impact on reducing cost but for achieving standardization. However, this project should be embarked on after project A is completed since it will utilize all the networking staff for a period of 6 months. Additionally, this project will not change existing systems and projects.
Outsourcing nonstrategic IT services (Project C) – One of the strategic objectives of MDCM is to reduce operational cost. This project will provide that opportunity as it is a cost saving project and should, therefore, be considered seriously. Projections are for savings within 12 months and so this would be beneficial to the company in both the short-term and the long-term.
Standardize server hardware and platforms (Project D)– Standardizing the platforms will make the transferring of information more efficient. Having just one type of server hardware and platform would reduce maintenance and support costs and this is important in reducing cost which is one of the strategic goals of the organization. Some of the MDCM subsidiaries are currently involved in the standardization process and so it would be best if it is carried out simultaneously in all subsidiaries. Therefore, doing it right away is recommended.
Implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) (Project E) – This project is already on the way in the United States.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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