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Pervasive Context-Aware Systems - Term Paper Example

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The present discourse “Pervasive Context-Aware Systems” elaborates key requirements for building pervasive environments. The project presents an ontology of a smart home, in particular, elderly self-care home. Web semantic language has been chosen to build the context-aware prototype ontology…
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Pervasive Context-Aware Systems
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Download file to see previous pages Protégé-OWL 4.1 was used to build OWL representation of the elderly smart home. The presented ontology implements reasoning set on the rules of the ontology and elimination of the rules outside of the ontology.
In recent years, rapid advances in technology have paved the way for the creation of pervasive environments. A pervasive environment is a user-centric environment in which there are a number of devices (sensors, computers) and services (such as Web services) that help users to achieve their various application goals. Smart environments represent the evolutionary development of pervasive environments. Smart environment  is able to acquire knowledge about its inhabitants and their surroundings, and adapt to the inhabitants’ behaviour or preferences in order to improve their living experiences. The type of inhabitants’ experiences may vary from the safety of the users to the progress of an independent living environment. An important characteristic of smart environments is the interaction of smart devices including sensors and computer systems used for acquiring inhabitants’ contexts such as locations, activities, or vital signs. Therefore, context awareness is a key issue for improving inhabitants’ independent living experience. Context awareness is about the situation an inhabitant is in and also about adapting the smart devices’ reaction to that situation. Ontology language is the context representation technology which maximises the context awareness of the smart devices. It is a set of vocabulary to describe the conceptualisation of a particular domain.
One of the goals of this project is to build a context-aware ontology based on the acquired context from a smart environment and the inhabitants. The context in this project consists of location, time, and information on inhabitant’s vital signs. The ontology represents concepts and relations for the acquired context. The aim is to represent all the acquired information in context form to reduce the dependency of the framework on rules outside of the ontology. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pervasive Context-Aware Systems Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 Words - 1.
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