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How to Use Wireshark to Capture a Packet Trace - Assignment Example

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In this report “How to use Wireshark to Capture a Packet Trace” the author will assess Wireshark technology-based application with respect to its overall technological working, operations, history and mainly for the Linux based services administration…
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How to Use Wireshark to Capture a Packet Trace
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Extract of sample "How to Use Wireshark to Capture a Packet Trace"

Download file to see previous pages Wireshark takes network communication packets at the internet or transport layer of the OSI model. Additionally, the leading protocols are TCP and IP; jointly, they are known as internet protocol group or TCP/IP. As this is a packet switching network framework (a network works on data packets communication). In this scenario, data will be transmitted to the right destination system formed on the basis of information created in the network packet header (Codex-M, 2011) and (Lamping, Sharpe, & Warnicke, 2011).
These are extremely significant tasks to perform; particularly if someone is appointed as a network manager to inspect/care for the data and information being sent away from the communications. For instance, if the system on which we are performing our tasks deals with extremely secret information, we are able to make use of Wireshark capability to dual verify whether those network communication packets transmitted away the technology-based machines are encrypted or encoded. Thus, this will validate that the encryption protocol of the system or network is in operational condition (Codex-M, 2011) and (Lamping, Sharpe, & Warnicke, 2011).
One more instance of this situation is; if secret data and information, like that password, is not encrypted or encoded, it could be interpreted in the form of apparent text by making use of packet analysis through Wireshark. Additionally, this is an equally high-quality aspect and terrible feature for the machine's clients. In addition, the high-quality aspect of this application is that, if the manager frequently checks and keeps the network communication data packets, the moment secret password is misplaced, it could be taken back through the packet monitoring account. Moreover, one more high-quality implementation of Wireshark is to twice confirm susceptible network data and information communication to confirm that the information is strongly encoded (for example verifying a Secure-Shell-Connection or SSH) (Codex-M, 2011) and (Lamping, Sharpe, & Warnicke, 2011). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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