The Effect of Cloud Computing on Network Management - Essay Example

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Then the paper will critically evaluate the strength and weaknesses of Cloud Computing, comparing to normal Network Management as defined by the ISO. It's important to highlight that Cloud computing, an Internet-dependant computer network plays a key role…
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The Effect of Cloud Computing on Network Management
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Download file to see previous pages However, their network cannot become totally non-existent but has to optimally complement the Cloud Computing architecture. So, this paper will first look at the technology behind this Cloud Computing, then as part of literature review will focus on the requirements on Network Management to support Cloud Computing and the differences from the more normal management requirements. Then the paper will critically evaluate the strength and weaknesses of Cloud Computing, comparing to normal Network Management as defined by the ISO.
Cloud computing, an Internet-dependant computer network, in which the ‘outside’ or ‘virtual’ servers or in total outside network infrastructure will play the key role, without the necessity to develop and maintain in-house infrastructure. The needed information or data, software, other business applications, etc can be stored in those servers and can be accessed by the organizations or computer users from any place using a web browser-based interface. This works on the basis of ‘services on demand’ concept, as organizations or users just pay the subscription charges, without owning any physical infrastructures. “The storing and accessing of applications and computer data often through a Web browser rather than running installed software on your personal computer or office server”. ( basic concept behind Cloud Computing got originated in the 1960s when the American computer and cognitive scientist John McCarthy opined that “computation may someday be organized as a public utility”. (Frangulyan). This hypothesis came true because the main characteristic of Cloud Computing is computation is happening in a public or external environment.
The complete Cloud architecture for the functioning of Cloud Computing consists of multiple cloud components particularly various hardware components and software.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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