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The Effectiveness of Video Modelling - Research Paper Example

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The current paper “The Effectiveness of Video Modelling” reviews and justifies the need to research the effects of video modeling on teaching and learning achievements for students with autism in Saudi Arabia. The topic, research statement, and rationale for the research are provided…
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The Effectiveness of Video Modelling
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Extract of sample "The Effectiveness of Video Modelling"

Download file to see previous pages How to teach children with autism the basic living and learning skills has long been the subject of the hot scholarly debate. With the growing scholarly awareness about the effects which autism produces on children and their learning perspectives, education professionals were growing more concerned about developing effective learning techniques for autistic children. Rapid technological advancement provides education professionals with a multitude of resources and tools needed to enhance the quality of knowledge delivery for children with autistic disorders. Actually, technologies have already become a traditional instrument of knowledge in all groups of child and adult learners. Due to the fact that ASD children face significant learning and communication difficulties, they also require the development and implementation of educational strategies that meet their learning needs. Obviously, video modeling has a potential to add value to the existing learning strategies for ASD children.
Video modeling has long been a valuable educational tool(LeBlanc Linda et al, 2003), but whether it is an effective technique for teaching all students with autism is unclear and is a subject of serious professional debate. A wealth of literature testifies to the ways in which video modeling enhances the education of some children with autism, but most research and most reports come from the West and do not take account of cultural differences in autistic children. As a result, there is a need to reconsider the effectiveness and consequences of using video modeling with autistic children in Saudi Arabia.
The purpose of the proposed research is to evaluate the effectiveness of video modeling for teaching children with autism in Saudi Arabia. The basic research question is whether video modeling is an appropriate and effective approach to teaching children with autism in Saudi Arabia.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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