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Social Networks Link Terrorists - Essay Example

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This paper "Social Networks Link Terrorists" presents information technology which has been identified as a major hindrance to this success due to its dynamic nature, which spices the events to seem like guerilla war. The war on terrorism has been on for a long time without success…
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Social Networks Link Terrorists
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Extract of sample "Social Networks Link Terrorists"

Download file to see previous pages Information refers to the processed data which helps in decision making either in an organization or in the government. However, there are various characteristics that determine its viability and when they lack, the information cannot be said as having fulfilled its intended purpose. These are for example timeliness, accuracy, reliability, relevance among others (Laudon, 2003). With the rapid developments in information technology, it has become easy to achieve the desired results without necessarily having to strain hard to communicate decisions to various interested parties worldwide due to the fact that the world has been brought together digitally to form a single digital village. On the other hand, these developments have had their shortcomings as they have created a new platform for promoting criminal activities such as terrorism and other cybercrimes. This essay is a critical evaluation of information age terrorism and the possibility of not succeeding in the war against terrorism.

Developments in Information Technology have pushed the success of terrorist activities the extra mile. This is due to the fact that terrorists are now using the cyberspace as well as other digital media to conduct their criminal activities as opposed to the traditional methods which involved conducting physical meetings to strategize on possible targets as well as transporting weapons of mass destruction across borders, which were easy to track and confiscate (Uda 2006). For example, current technologies in the market make it possible for people to meet without traveling regardless of their locations through video conferencing. This requires members to have personal computers connected to the internet, which are also equipped with a camera, microphone, and speakers. Once the members initialize a connection, each one of them receives images and voices of other partners on their screens and speakers thereby enabling them to converse (Schelkle, 2000). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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