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Mobile Computing in Retail Stores - Term Paper Example

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This paper will explore how consumers owning modern mobile phones with internet connectivity will affect Agfa’s supermarket and how the traditional brick and mortar retail environments like that of Agfa’s can use mobile marketing to promote and sell their products…
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Mobile Computing in Retail Stores
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Download file to see previous pages Consumer life becomes more meaningful using mobile computing. It will give them complete command over the kind of information and tools that they should have to make the best choice for themselves. There are various other services offered with the mobile that is offered to the customer in sync with mobile computing. Mobile services such as extended packaging can be offered by Aghas. They will help consumers align products with other values such as health and well being, and various other environmental and ethical choices. (MIT, 1996, np)
Mobile computing will prove to be just as good for the business interests of Agha’s supermarket too. They would be using mobile technology to cater to consumer demands for information and services. In this way, they would be able to increase sales. There is a direct relation between relevant information provided at the point of sale and eventually purchase definition. In other words, the more information, the consumer has in hand, the better the sales would be.
Mobile computing will also help Aghas by improving upon its customer satisfaction and loyalty towards the retail store. Consumes go after those businesses that give them the most value and are able to best meet their needs for information and other services. Mobile computing gives room for more personalization and looking after consumer needs in an even better way.
It also helps to add more value to the physical products and experience via digital services. A consumer ends up spending more time online and these acts as an inevitable link to the physical products while storing it to the digital world.
        Most prominent retailers in their business have been trying to make the most out of mobile computing where inventory functions are concerned. However, these retailers are now looking for mobility as the main element in their growth prospects for the future. In a report by Aberdeen Group, December 2005, it was said that today every retailer is trying to work on his store environment to stand out in the competition.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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