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History of Phishing and Development - Research Paper Example

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This paper “History of Phishing and Development” will present a detailed analysis of using phishing for/in website verification. This research is aimed at discussing and elaborating the phishing technique, its main implementation areas, disadvantages and its utilization for the website verification…
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History of Phishing and Development
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Extract of sample "History of Phishing and Development"

Download file to see previous pages As technology grows, it brings a lot of facilities and easiness regarding better online communication, data transfer, business, marketing, management, etc. This enhancement and advancement of technology also brought few problems regarding online working. Online frauds are the new shape of online criminal activities. That engrosses the information and data handling and later on use of that information to carry out the prohibited operations. This can be cash-based scandals. Various contemporary and up-to-date technologies in the industrial time have fashioned innovative openings for carrying out criminal activities. Information Technology, especially Internet is open for everyone and it also gives the opportunities to criminal people, to steal, new ways to steal them, and new techniques to harm others (Laudon & Laudon 1999, p. 147). Computer crime is acknowledged as unlawful activities by making use of a computer or against a computer system. The Internet's user-friendliness and convenience have fashioned modern ways for computer crime, well-known forms of which is phishing (Laudon & Laudon 1999, p. 147).  Phishing is a most commonly used term for the online criminal and negative activities. This paper outlines the most important concerns those are growing with the technological augmentation. At the present time, we are no more secure in the web-based environment. We are facing online criminal attacks from different sides. It is time now to think about these diverse shapes of online criminal activities and try to avoid them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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