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This paper “Internet Security: Privacy and Confidentiality” is an attempt to analyze the present concerns regarding privacy and confidentiality issues as applicable to human resource departments in organizations and government offices which use Web-based applications…
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Internet Security: Privacy and Confidentiality
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Download file to see previous pages The Development Education Program of the World Bank (2004) states that Human Resource is “the total quantity and quality of human effort available to produce goods and services. The muscle power and brain power of human beings. Human resources can be viewed as consisting of raw labor- determined mostly by the number of people in a country's labor force- combined with human capital.” Till the 1990s, human resource functions were entirely based on paper-based documented means of communication and storage of information on the staff and personnel of the organization concerned. But gone are the days of paper-based data storage and retrieval, which characterized HR functions, forever. The browser-based HR portal technology of the present times has replaced the paper-based system of the bygone decades. In these days of outsourcing and offshoring, personal information pertaining to a staff or employee of a globally operating company can be retrieved and communicated from one part of the world to another in a matter of seconds, by means of Web-based human resources portals. Friedman (2006, p.243) maintains that the IT giant HP has today well over 150,000 employees in at least 170 countries. Thus,  if an employee of HP is to be deputed from one of these  170 countries to another, the present-day HR managers of HP  are not bound down by antiquated paper-based procedures, while seeking out information about that employee. The HR Managers just have to click their mouse and all the relevant information regarding the employee flows freely to their PC desktops. Thus there is a great advantage in terms of time and even monetary expenses since an appropriate decision on whether the concerned employee is suitable for the deputation can be taken quickly with just a click of the mouse. The information is shared through the intranet or the extranet of the company’s Web-based portal within seconds. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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