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Analysis of Advanced Networks - Assignment Example

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 This essay discusses the time slot and the acknowledgment length. The latencies of the hub and the switch, the 48 bits jamming signal and the 96-bit processing time of the acknowledgment, are both ignored. It analyses the encoding scheme used with Cat 5, 100Base-TX…
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Analysis of Advanced Networks
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Advanced Networks"

Download file to see previous pages Communication between two or multiple nodes with the synchronized transmission of data is called a preamble signal. Time factor and tempo emphasizes on the transfer of data between the source and destination is crucial.
It is also defined in the network header. The source address identifies the sender of the data packet. If there is NAT (Network Address Translation) involved then it is not necessary that the source address is correct because it will send the IP address of the NATing devices.
PAD is basically a packet assembler / Dissembler. It may be used as a software application or as a hardware device For Asynchronous transmission it formats the packet headers and also break down the data stream into individual packets.
Cyclic redundancy check is commonly used for detecting the errors during the transmission of data. The messages which are transmitted are separated into prearranged lengths and are divided by a fixed divisor. The remainder number is sent along with the message as per calculation. When the message received by the computer, it recalculates the remainder and compares with the transmitter or source remainder, if the numbers not equivalent error occurs.
In Cat 5, 100Base-TX NRZI encoding is used on a physical medium attachment layer. One more encoding technique is used known as MLT-3. It is a medium-dependent sublayer which implies before the final encoding of the transmission on a maximum” fundamental frequency" of 31.25 MHz.
c) Both nodes A and B attempt to transmit at time t=0 to the station C. After the collision, the nodes A and B draw from the back off interval the values of K=1 and K=0 respectively. At what time (in seconds) is the A’s frame completely delivered to C? You need to support your answer with a time-space diagram.
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Analysis of Advanced Networks Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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