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Crime and the Internet - Research Proposal Example

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This paper "Crime and the Internet" sheds some light on the ethical issues involved in information loss by a venture due to internet crime will be dealt with. Further, security applications in use to prevent loss through internet crime will be reviewed…
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Crime and the Internet
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Extract of sample "Crime and the Internet"

Download file to see previous pages According to Paul, A. (2002), the future of e-commerce is dependent on the security of customer information held in databanks (p.258). Financial data held by business ventures; insurance entities, by hospitals, by banks, etc, are under threat and are being accessed day by day. Computer viruses, on-line manipulation, and re-distribution, as well as malicious use of the information, gained illegally are some of the attacks leading to much loss through the internet. To Paul, A. (2002), customer perception on internet security matters has been dwindling and many of them admit to not giving out their details due to the fear of losing them which translates to loosing financially (p.258). Most of the targeted information include; credit card data, identity card number, social security card numbers among other forms.

Many ventures have resulted in using World Wide Web (WWW) to design their own websites where they can reach customers at ease and conduct their businesses since the web is a sure way of reaching them within less than 12 hours (Elizabeth, T. et al, 2002, p.238). In such cases, details of transactions can be accessed from any computer inside the organization’s premises as well as online by the customers or the illegal users. In this regard, fake websites have been designed mainly to dupe people that they are a certain organization’s genuine site but they exist for fraudulent reasons. According to Elizabeth, the maiden goal of every commercial service is to give the right information to the right parties while maintaining the others at bay.

Organizations have been losing information to hackers who have continued to perfect their skills in the illegal business (Ya-Ching, L. 2003). Actions of this magnitude have led to the big question of how to secure information held by organizations is. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Crime and the Internet Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1921 Words - 8)
Crime and the Internet Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1921 Words - 8.
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