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How Can Artifficial Intelligent Enhance Life in the 21st Century - Coursework Example

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The author of the "How Can Artificial Intelligent Enhance Life in the 21st Century" paper discusses the pros and cons of artificial intelligence (AI) so that one will be able to make an educated decision on the issue, and how to resolve these problems…
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How Can Artifficial Intelligent Enhance Life in the 21st Century
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Extract of sample "How Can Artifficial Intelligent Enhance Life in the 21st Century"

Download file to see previous pages How these machines work must be looked at first in order to understand the difference between machines and humans. Throughout its history, artificial intelligence has always been a topic with much controversy. (Clark, pg2, 2004) Should human intelligence be mimicked? If so, are there ethical bounds on what computers should be programmed to do? These are a couple of questions that surround the artificial intelligence controversy.

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is the area of computer science focusing on creating machines that can engage in the human behaviors of intelligence. (Forest, pg24, 2004) AI brings benefits mainly to two groups of people: the general community, and researchers in various scientific and engineering fields. This section will discuss the pros of AI, now and in the future. The advantageous use of Artificial Intelligence is an area of robotics. Humans will be able to use robots for heavy construction, military benefits, or even for personal assistance at private homes. One example of a home benefit would be iRobots Roomba. The Roomba is essentially an intelligent vacuum or robot. (Georges, pg51, 2003)

This vacuum has a sensor on it so that is doesn't tumble downstairs. It will detect the dirt on your floor whether it be carpet, wood, or linoleum. The best part about this robot is that it can tell when it is running low on battery life and it will return to the docking station and charge itself. With the Roomba, you will never have to vacuum your house again. With technology like this, there will be fewer injuries and stress to human beings. The automobile industry has seen the effects of AI over the years. Car manufacturing is now performed by robots rather than people, automobiles are now made cheaper, faster, and safer than ever. Jobs have moved from a large concentration in the assembly line to actually maintaining, building, and programming robots. (Glick, pg112, 2005) ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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How Can Artifficial Intelligent Enhance Life in the 21st Century Coursework.
(How Can Artifficial Intelligent Enhance Life in the 21st Century Coursework)
How Can Artifficial Intelligent Enhance Life in the 21st Century Coursework.
“How Can Artifficial Intelligent Enhance Life in the 21st Century Coursework”.
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