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The Potential of Video-based Training for Multimedia Software in the U. K - Literature review Example

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The author of the paper concludes that using quantitative and qualitative research methods for the initial primary data collection was a valid approach. The following chapters analyze video training for multimedia software in the literature review…
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The Potential of Video-based Training for Multimedia Software in the U. K
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Extract of sample "The Potential of Video-based Training for Multimedia Software in the U. K"

Download file to see previous pages One way they do this is by following modules which are intended to provide them and their trainees the skills necessary to communicate the message clearly and transfer related information effectively.
Another measure of the success of the training is gauged on the relationship developed between the trainees and the trainer. In such case, there is trust and mutual respect among the party members. The trainer seeks to ensure that even the weakest of the trainees perform at the highest level possible while the trainee, on his or her part, aims to achieve likewise. In this setting, one can see that there is motivation – the trainer playing the part of the motivator and the trainee playing the part of the one being motivated.
Benyon et al., however, made a cutting-edge book which addresses this inherent weakness by banking on the concept of human centered-ness. His book, Designing Interactive Systems: People, Activities, Context, Technologies, realizes that the current trend in the interactive system goes into a wide spectrum of devices, products, and systems aimed to engage with people.
Of course, no literature review on training – be it video-based or not – would be complete without examining learning, the end result of training. The process of learning follows the following process: First, external sensations stimulate the sense organs – eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. Then, the nervous system transmits this information in proper subparts of the brain. The brain then transmits electronic signals to the muscles and a reaction is created. (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 1998).
At this point, an impression is received and this becomes the beginning point of learning. As so, a strong impression must be received by the trainee and this would depend on several factors: (1) the number of senses involved, (2) interestingness of the information and (3) the recall of information. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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