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The Concept and Benefits of the Database System - Essay Example

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 A database scenario is explained in this report to its very length with the entities, attributes, cardinality, assumptions, relationships, and input/output screens. The concept and benefits of the database system are explained with a detailed analysis of the commercial and non-commercial purposes …
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The Concept and Benefits of the Database System
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Download file to see previous pages Optimization of queries is done to access multi-dimensional data. It can allow providing decision-makers with access to data in a faster and with lower costs (Korth, 2003).
Recovery manager: The RMAN environment consists of the utilities and databases that play a role in backing up your data. At a minimum, the environment for RMAN must include the following: The target database to be backed up The RMAN client, which interprets backup and recovery commands, directs server sessions to execute those commands, and records your backup and recovery activity in the target database control file. Some environments will also use these optional components: A flash recovery area, a disk location in which the database can store and manage files related to backup and recovery (Navathe, 2003).
The transaction management is quite efficient in the manner that if a transaction is not able to complete it is roll backed so that changes can be reversed. In that manner, data integrity is maintained.
The planning done to help an organization ensure its planned database is accepted by users and administrative alike, functional for all major constituency groups and continually reassessed for improvement is as follows:
Access privileges and user spaces: The planned database must ensure that all the users are classified into groups, users and others and give them respective privileges to access information and perform database functions. The login credentials make sure that the intended user gets to access according to their credentials.
Database documentation: The extensive documentation produced as “technical understanding document” and “business understanding document” makes the entire database clear in its constructs and definition. The variables, database environment, and user details are focused in the document.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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