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Change Management Plans for Secure IT Systems (CSOs role in approving changes) - Essay Example

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Qualified network operation personnel, managers and experts in IT service management facilitate these changes. This change management ensures it reduces downtime in…
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Change Management Plans for Secure IT Systems (CSOs role in approving changes)
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Extract of sample "Change Management Plans for Secure IT Systems (CSOs role in approving changes)"

Download file to see previous pages This includes the issue of online business transaction where IT and network are key components in ensuring efficient and effective transactions. Teams on network operations are trying to make improvements to the quality of the IT quality for the reason of meeting customer needs. These organizations and industries, therefore, to achieve the improvements have examined the processes in the areas of change management that the network changes are a source of downtime (Peters, 2000). These management changes need to be done due to various reasons. These reasons include;
The change management in this sector ensures that there are efficient and prompt standardized ways and procedures in handling of all changes. It also leads to recording of configuration items and the changes to service assets in the management system. There is also support for business goals and wants due to the authorized changes, and business risk is reduced. Then the changes are managed to reduce the exposure of risk, reduce the impact of interruption and enhance successfulness of the management changes (Jacques, 2005).
Management change provides required information and provides guidance on different size and kinds of organizations and changes that are either simple or complex changes for each lifecycle stage. It also shows the major and minor changes and the different levels of funding and budget to enhance effective change. The change management ensures that the business changing customers’ requirements are met by maximizing the value, minimizing the incidents, interruption, maximizing, and improving the network. It ensures the IT and businesses want requests are met, and there is a large room for information technology.
There is management change in modifying, adding or removal of authorized service to meet the effective demands. This need for change erupts due to various reasons aimed at effectiveness. These ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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