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It has impacted on the society in many different ways like for instance, in the past messages were sent on horsebacks by people who were…
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Foundations of Information Technology assignment
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TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY PART ONE Technology changes with every passing day and in the 21st century it is vital for every citizen to learn the technological trends around. It has impacted on the society in many different ways like for instance, in the past messages were sent on horsebacks by people who were commonly known as midnight riders but with the advancement of technology postal system of spreading information was invented by Johannes Gutenberg, (Sutton, 2013)
To add onto this society has also been impacted positively with the invention of the modern computer. Initially computers were only used in big companies but this days they are used by the normal humans to perform their day to day tasks of life and this increases the efficiency of work done using computers. Computers are partially the backbone of economical and industrial growth in most countries.
Security is a vital element in most places as man has grown to be greedy over the past few centuries. IT has been used by various companies like the airport authorities to come up with metal detectors \and walkthrough detectors that are used to detect metallic elements in peoples luggage and also on people especially with the walkthrough detectors that scan the whole body.
Cloud storage is used by essentially all companies to store vital information and they can retrieve it from anywhere in the world as long as they have the wright access codes to get through to the information. The information is remotely maintained, managed, and backed up in online servers. Cloud storage is advantageous in many ways among them disaster recovery and cost saving. (Baylor University, 2013). Disaster recovery is made possible by the fact that the information is stored online and it is backed up hence can be retrieved anytime.
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