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League of Legend - Essay Example

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This essay is focused on the gaming industry. It is stated here that the development of digital technologies has seen the rise of a different gaming environment. Notably, the last decade has seen the flourish of the video game globally. …
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League of Legend
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Extract of sample "League of Legend"

Download file to see previous pages Gender discrepancy is one of the major elements in the game. The conception that a video gamer is mostly male is completely misguided. Nowadays, women make up about 45 percent of the gamers in the United States (Yu, 2013). Even in a game like League of Legend that is mostly dominated male, there is still about 35 percent female gamer (Conditt, 2014). Annie started playing the game about 2 years ago, now she ranked in top 10 percentile among all people in North America server. People are astounded when they learned that she is female since the feat she accomplished is rare among female. Difference display in physiological aspects of the game is very obvious among 4 players. As for Annie, she only picks female and cute cartoonish characters in the game. She claimed that the identities and appearances of those charterers are appealing to her, and she told me that she dressed up like the character in the game on Halloween. Therefore, it is clear that Annie has embraced and accepted the culture, as she chooses to dress as the female character in the game.
From Annie’s response, it is evident that there exist gender stereotype. For example, she only chooses to pick female characters in the game although she has the choice of picking male who exhibit masculine characteristics. Annie’s views are clearly influenced by the outside world. Influence from the outside world comes from various sources like peers and media. For instance, media influence is responsible for cultivating attitudes, which explains Annie’s choice of feminine characters. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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League of Legend Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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